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Simplify blade cleaning and increase service life.ANTI GLUE KNIFE II with nano-sealing technology.

The special non-stick coating reduces the adhesion of cutting and glue residue and facilitates knife cleaning. The results are a longer knife service life and greater efficiency of production processes.

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ScreenPrint® protects.Rotary screen printing - without damages.

TKM ScreenPrint was specially developed for rotary screen printing. lt is used in decorative, wallpaper, security and textile printing, but also in label printing as an interior doctor blade for round screens, preventing damages to the serigraphic Screen.

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CeraPrint® convinced.Through durability and expressive behaviour.

The new, highly wear-resistant coating provides a significantly higher lifetime. Due to the latest coating technologies, TKM Meyer is able to apply an ex­tremely homogeneous layer structure onto the blade surface.

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Flexibility and precision.The new mechanical fixed TKM shredder head.

Either regrindable segments or disposable segments can be used on the newly developed TKM Shredder head. The user can flexibly choose the fitting type of Segment that is most suitable for the practical use at Hand.

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Maximum service life.Low-wear cutting of aluminum.

TKM has designed a new generation of knives in the form of the plasma knife, specially designed for cutting aluminum offset printing plates. The knives are coated with a wear-resistant carbon coating 2 μm to 4 μm in thickness to prevent the adhesion of aluminum.

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