Doctor Blades and Consumables for the Printing Industry

TKM enprotect®

Features & Advantages

  • Very good adhesion, long durability
  • Easy removal
  • High resistance to almost all solvents
    (including acetone, MEK, ethyl acetate)
  • Longer service life due to easy removal of dirt
  • No solvent stains on painted machinery
  • Reduced personnel costs through quick and easy application
  • Environmentally friendly, non-flammable, safe to use
  • Fully biodegradable

TKM enprotect®

Cleanliness is an essential quality criterion for the manufacturing process in the field of printing and packaging. This is especially valid for production systems. Spotless, residue-free surfaces ensure high-quality end products and avoid disruptions in production and system malfunctions.

TKM EnProtect offers a completely new approach of cleaning in the field of industrial applications. Surfaces of machinery and equipment are protected from production-related impurities and corrosive substances. Impurities can be “stripped off” without residues, fast and effortless. Time-consuming cleaning operations, additional cleaning agents and elaborate masking operations are no longer necessary.
EnProtect effectively protects surfaces from stains and solvents.


Depending on the substrate and level of contamination, you’ll need about 0.2 l/m2. Apply EnProtect evenly with a brush, roller or spray gun.

Allow to harden for about one hour (depending on the layer thickness).

To remove the protective coating, simply lift up the film at a suitable spot (such as a corner or edge) and then pull off, or first moisten the film with water and then pull off.

Operating principle
TKM protective coating is a water-based, solvent-resistant stripping overlay.
After a short drying time, a sheet-like film with very good primary adhesion and durability builds up. The “EnProtect film” can be quickly, easily and cleanly removed at any time by lifting up the film at a suitable place or by moistening it with sufficient water.

Always store the product in the original container. In general, the material compatibility of the components coming into contact with the product should be tested in advance, since incompatibilities can never be completely ruled out. Please read the instructions on proper handling, storage and disposal in the safety data sheet. The specifications on the product data sheet correspond to the state of the art.

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