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Thermal Coating

Improve the efficiency and yield of your process and equipment cost-effectively

Premium performance for demanding conditions with
next generation coating technology

Our advanced coating technology gives your equipment and components premium durability and performance even in the most demanding conditions – helping you stand out from the competition.

What are the advantages of thermal coating?

Our coating solutions are tried and tested in laboratories and field environments to ensure extended service life, longer service intervals, improved efficiency and operational reliability for your components and equipment. Coating enables you to easily modify an existing product to match new specifications or the demands of a different operating environment.

Our revolutionary coating technology is a durable and cost - efficient option for improving the properties of original parts as well as repairing and restoring worn or damaged components.

TKM TTT’s coatings are suited for improving the performance and service life of equipment and components of all shapes and sizes – for example industrial valves, seats, shafts, sleeves, cylinders, rolls and impellers.

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Surface that matters

Our revolutionary coating service is an application-oriented high-performance solution that is tailor-made to meet the needs and product development demands of machine and equipment manufacturers

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Choosing the right coating for the right environment

Independent research shows that thermal coating can improve the wear, chemical and corrosion resistance of a component significantly. It is also a method for optimizing weight, friction, or heat and electrical insulation. Optimal properties are achieved via meticulous requirement specification and the combination of the right coating mixture, method and parameters.

We provide the Nordic’s broadest selection of available coating technologies and materials such as pure metals, alloys, carbides, ceramics and combinations of the before mentioned.

Properties and advantages

How does thermal spraying work?
Thermally sprayed feedstock forms a thin but highly durable surface coating. The coating is sprayed at high velocity onto a pretreated component surface which enables the coating to mechanically attach to the base material. A low coating temperature ensures that the base material does not suffer from structural or dimensional modifications. Different metals and materials can be safely combined to achieve the desired properties and results.
What are thermally sprayed coatings best suited for?
The special properties of our coatings such as wear resistance, corrosion prevention, hardness and adhesion strength are well-suited for the needs and demands of the oil and gas industry, mining and refining industry, mechanical and chemical wood processing, metal industry and energy generation.Thermally sprayed coatings are widely used also inside the shipping, aviation and automotive industries. Our coatings are often used also in machine, motor and mold manufacturing.
How do I choose an appropriate coating for my application?
With over 50 years of experience and expertise in modern coating technologies we guarantee that we can specify and match your coating needs with ease. We possess a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the benefits of coating for different industrial operating environments. This means that we may already have the ideal solution for your application. Choosing the right coating starts with a thorough specification phase. The choice of coating depends on the operating environment, properties and desired improvements of the object to be coated. Providing this information enables our experts to guide you forward in choosing the appropriate coating solution for your needs.
Which standards and certifications do your coatings adhere to?
Our raw materials are always certified to meet industry standards and demands. Our coatings are always tested in laboratories and real-world circumstances either by our customers or third parties.
What are the risks of thermally sprayed coatings?
Operating under false starting information may lead to an inappropriate coating choice, which may in turn affect the operation of the coated object. The incorrect handling or treatment of the coated object may result in damage to the coating. Always consult our experts on the handling of your coated object before installation or further processing.
What information should I include in an offer request?

In order to provide you with the best possible offer please include at least the following information:

Information and specifications concerning your operating environment
Specifications and properties of the object to be coated
Possible previous coating experiences and their functionality
Desired properties and improvements for the coating project
A photograph of the object to be coated
A photograph of a used object

We are your one-stop partner

In addition to our coating solutions, we also provide comprehensive machining and manufacturing services:

CNC-grinding (surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding)

Our comprehensive coating service takes your products to the next level

TKM TTT is one of the leading experts of coating solutions and services in the world. We offer advanced and comprehensive coating technology services for manufacturers and end users around the world. We are a trusted partner for our customers all the way from product development to improving current products, maintenance, and servicing.

1. Free preliminary research

Survey visit
We learn about your application on-site and set project goals together with your experts.

Solution proposal
We map out coating options, calculate benefit potential and present our findings and recommendations to your key personnel.


2. Coating project

We design a coating solution and testing procedure that matches the operating environment of the object to be coated.

Test object series
If required, we manufacture a test object series and deliver them for laboratory and field testing.

Analyzing test results
Depending on the test results we move forward to manufacturing a 0 series or return the coating solution for respecification. The project can also be aborted by mutual decision.


3. Implementation

We specify and implement the finished coating solution to enable cost-effective manufacturing of your product.

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