Quality and safety.
Processes and products.

Checking and continually monitoring production processes yields a stable process quality throughout manufacturing. The focus of our quality management thus lies on the constant development of processes that are as error-free as possible, in addition to our unconditional dedication to the customer.

To ensure universal compliance with this high standard and to communicate that standard, we have all production sites of the TKM Group worldwide certified for quality management systems according to the international standard ISO 9001.

Only those plants become certified that can demonstrate the continual improvement of all processes, so as always to meet customer expectations as well as local and legal regulations.

Product Focus
Constantly increasing quality requirements for cutting edges and tolerances of the slitting dimensions necessitate the smallest possible production tolerances for the tools used in the cutting process. TKM addressed this problem very early on.

Fully automatic production steps as well as complete machining processes ensure ultimate precision and short delivery times for our tools. The finish machining and final inspection are carried out at a temperature of 20°C, under standardized conditions.

Production tolerances
With state-of-the-art production for cutting tools worldwide, we achieve process-ensured and guaranteed thickness tolerances of ± 0.0005 mm and a drilling accuracy up to H3.

To minimize checksum errors in shaft design, we divide the thickness tolerance into three areas (-, 0, +) upon request, and we label each tool accordingly.

Surface quality
Depending on the requirements, TKM offers tool surfaces that are ground to the level of mirror polishing. By means of proven measurement technology from the automotive industry, we verify the mean roughness values (Ra) ≤ 0.03 μm and gloss levels > 1000 GU (20º) of tool surfaces.

Tolerance classes
The division of tools according to tolerance classes offers you a high degree of flexibility. In line with the particular cutting task, we can offer the most economical tool solution in either of four tolerance classes for operating cutting Systems.

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