IT Specialist.

System integration or application engineering.

IT specialists develop hardware and software. System developers design hardware and software systems according to their customers’ specifications. Application engineers develop software Solutions.

IT specialists for system Integration...
  • develop hardware (computers, printers, etc.) and software
  • construct larger information and communication systems (such as direct ordering processes between customers and the shop)
  • install multi-user systems and mainframe systems
  • provide users with services and information that help them with application problems, explain new systems, answer all IT questions
  • typically operate in connection with data centers, networks, client/server systems, landlines or wireless networks
IT specialists for application engineering...
  • develop new customized ICT (information and communication technology) systems by expanding or adapting existing devices and computer programs or by introducing new such programs or devices
  • are primarily responsible for ICT systems for commercial, technical, mathematical & scientific information and communications or even for multimedia
  • test the systems and ensure that the devices and software function properly
  • advise and train users

Training requirements
Professional qualification: at least general or subject-specific university entrance qualification

Duration of training:
3 years

Vocational school:
Vocational College for Business and Technology in Remscheid or Solingen, part-time courses