Precision Mechanic "Milling".

Operate machinery, programming and control.

Precision mechanics manufacture precision components from metal in machining operations such as turning, milling or grinding. In doing so, they usually use CNC machine tools. They adjust them and monitor the production process.

Precision mechanics work in metal-working companies in which components are manufactured in machining operations, e.g. in mechanical engineering, structural steel or light metal engineering, in foundries or construction of vehicles.

Precision mechanic is a recognized profession according to the German Vocational Training Act (BBiG). This vocational training of 3 1/2 years which is regulated in the Federal Republic of Germany is offered by industrial companies. Vocational school usually takes place by way of part-time education at the Berufskolleg Technik in Remscheid.

• at least leaving certificate from a Realschule (high school) with good to excellent results

Duration of the vocational Training:
3,5 years

Vocational School:
Teaching by topics