Experience and competence.
For a high durability.

Thanks to experienced engineers, modern technology and in cooperation with you, we are able to optimize your production processes, to:

  • increase liftetimes
  • develop unique cutting geometries
  • reduce dust thanks to special grinding technologies
  • create reproducible production processes
  • set exact tolerances according to OEM specification
  • use Knives, Doctor blades and Tools more efficient

The continuous test documentation ensures a consistent quality control of all products before delivery.

DIn order to maintain a constantly high cutting edge quality, cutting tools must be routinely overhauled. Likewise, tools must be modified when the cutting requirements and parameters have changed.

Repair service
Our repair service gives our customers the opportunity to have their high-performance tools already used, overhauled.

Regrinding Service
Knives and Tools lose their sharpness with time and the length of use. Dull knives have a negative effect on the cutting result and the quality of the cutting edge of the material strips. In extreme cases rounded knife edges could lead to noncompliance with the required knife clearance. We advise you to have our specialists regrind your cutting tools at regular intervals.

Re-coating and Hardcoating modifiy and improve the characteristics of our Knives and Doctor Blades. The tools are more resistant against mechanical and chemical wear.

Many years we have specialised in the re-coating. The Tools fulfil the same demands in terms of precision and compliance with the production tolerances as our new parts and just like the new parts they undergo a 100 % quality Control. The most important measured values are recorded and filed for your safety.