Simplify blade cleaning and increase service life.
ANTI GLUE KNIFE II with nano-sealing technology.

The special non-stick coating reduces the adhesion of cutting and glue residue and facilitates knife cleaning. The results are a longer knife service life and greater efficiency of production processes.

Glues such as hot melt, polyurethane and dispersion are essential binding agents in the industrial manufacture of paperback books and photo albums, self-adhesive stamps, labels, decals, etc. At the same time, they can considerably impair the cutting process.

Often the glue has not set prior to cutting, and will be deposited on the flat and beveled sides of the knife during the cutting process. The blade will be subjected to considerably more stress from the escaping glue.

This leads to significant impairment of the final products and to premature blade changes. ANTI GLUE KNIFE II counteracts these problems. Manufacturing processes are simplified and the high quality of printed products is preserved.

  • Applicable to all guillotine cutters and threeway trimmer knives in carbide and steel grades
  • Very low adhesion tendency – consequently no or greatly reduced sticking of glue and other adhesive-containing materials
  • Low friction coefficient. The highly polished surface of the knife is retained even after the coating with a coating thickness of about 30 μm to 40 μm
  • High resistance to abrasion and wear-resistant Surface
  • No or very little cleaning of the surface required
  • Food-grade coating