Constantly high-quality products with long-lasting cutting quality.

Minimal tolerance ranges for the perfect cut.

TKM is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of round and long machine knives for the paper-producing and processing industry. With their impressive high material quality, our paper knives ensure optimal cutting edges with reduced dust production, in addition to maximum service life.

Continual research and development are the drivers behind our high-quality products with their excellent cost/performance ratio. In line with the requirements of the materials themselves, we specify the appropriate cutting angles and steel designs for the knives.

The unique TKM cutting geometries arise from perfect manufacturing processes to yield impressive:

  • Reduced cutting pressure
  • Better sections
  • Dust reduction
  • Longer service life

Unique. Our multi-tiered and 100% quality Control.

Each log saw blade is checked and measured along all dimensions using the latest automatic testing machines. The most important measurement data, namely axial and radial accuracy, are engraved in each knife for the customer’s safety. A data record is created for each knife prior to delivery for quality assurance and for further tracking of the product. To this end, each knife is dynamically balanced and checked, with the following benefits::

  • Lateral runout 25% less than OEM standard
  • Fully automated production
  • In-house heat treatment