Log saw blades.

The TKM GmbH is well known for its high- quality log saw blades. We are currently able to produce log saw blades with diameters up to 1200 mm. We produce blades for all existing log saw machines, e.g. Fabio Perini, PCMC, Futura, CMG (Gambini), Kawanoe Zoki, Bretting, Bao Suo, Dechangyu, MTC and others.

Product description

Unique and fully automatic 100% blade quality inspection

Each TKM log saw blade is inspected and measured with respect to all dimensional values by the most modern automated inspection equipment available.

The most critical of these values, axial and radial run-out, are engraved on each blade for customer reassurance. An internal record is established for each log saw blade for future tracking purposes.

Each blade is dynamically balanced and checked.


  • Lateral runout 25% below
  • OEM tolerance
  • Fully automatic production
  • In-house heat treatment
  • Each individual knife traceable