TKM NiroPrint®

The corrosion-resistant doctor blade is the optimal solution for all aggressive or water-based printing systems. TKM NiroPrint prevents any corrosion on the doctor blade, even in the critical contact zone. TKM Meyer owes its leading market position in water-based flexographic printing partially to the corrosion-resistant steel grade used. NiroPrint is also used in different tip varieties – besides flexographic printing, primarily in varnishing units and therefore, in offset printing.

We, of course, supply back-up blades suitable for our high-performance doctor blades and your individual applications.

Product description


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • For extreme pH values
  • For water-based systems
  • For all abrasive and aggressive systems
  • Also suitable for decorative printing
  • Good, clean doctoring
  • Burr-free contact zone, which leads to quick bedding-in