TKM ScreenPrint®

TKM ScreenPrint was specially developed for rotary screen printing. It is used in decorative, wallpaper, security and textile printing, but also in label printing as an interior doctor blade for round screens, preventing damages to the serigraphic screen.

TKM ScreenPrint is corrosion-resistant; various versions are equipped with a rubber lip. Besides outstanding mechanical wear resistance, it offers high elasticity, low pressure deformation and extremely high resistance to a wide variety of solvents.

TKM Meyer’s many years of experience as a leading supplier of wash-up blades has helped to design this blade ideal for customer applications.

TKM ScreenPrint is supplied cut to length and can be used immediately, even for water-based systems, regardless of the pH level. TKM ScreenPrint has been very successfully tested by leading machine manufacturers.

Product description


  • All inking and varnishing systems
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Shore hardness of 65-80
  • High elasticity and high wear resistance
  • Solvent-resistant