Lubrication system and “Lubriks-05”.

Utilizing the TKM lubrication system, along with TKM’s newly developed lubricant LUBRIKS-05, will allow a better cut quality at faster cutting speed. The water-based lubricant (95% water) is atomized onto the blade surface by high-tech spray nozzles. When the water evaporates a slippery film is left behind, preventing glue build-up and reducing friction between blade and product to a minimum.

Product description

  • The lubricant is certified according to H1 of FDA (Incidental Food Contact)
  • Increased efficiency of your log saw machines
  • Less glue contamination of the blade
  • Fewer overheated blades (high density products)
  • Improved cutting quality
Benefits for your manufacturing processes
  • Prevents glue residue on the blade
  • Avoids heating of blade when cutting high-density rolls
  • Ideal for processing soft rolls or cores that cannot be properly clamped