Different geometries.
Tightest positional and shape tolerances.

In CNC bending mills, the TKM bending tools are utilized to process sheet metal boards into complex and qualitative sheet products. Our customers need to manufacture the most diverse geometric forms within strict tolerances and with high repeat accuracy. This is why our products fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Precision
  • Deformation resistance
  • Wear resistance

Our portfolio includes upper and lower bending tools, downholder, counterholder, and cutting tools, as well as tool holders.

The different specifications of these products ask for different manufacturing requirements in our production, as for example:

  • Trueing and nitrating of defined geometries
  • Strict form- and position tolerances
  • Finest surface quality at the bending edge
  • Maximum charge weight of approximately 3 tons
Heat Treatment Method
  • through-hardened
  • vacuum hardened
  • partially hardened (inductive)
  • nitrated
  • Tool steel
  • Quenched and tempered steel
  • Kohlenstoffstähle
  • Steel according to the choice of the customer, including a detailed material consultation