Flexibility and precision.
The new mechanical fixed TKM shredder head.

Unique service life. Thanks to swappable Segments.

Either regrindable segments or disposable segments can be used on the newly developed TKM Shredder head. The user can flexibly choose the fitting type of Segment that is most suitable for the practical use at hand.

Narrowest tolerances for your milling stations. For the utmost precision.

This new system also affords clear advantages in maintenance and repairs. Worn or broken segments can simply be replaced. Unlike the case with soldered cutting plates, no elaborate tempering process is necessary.

Sustainable. Thanks to unlimited Usability.

The milling head remain with the user and need not be annealed. In the case of soldered constructions, the segments of the milling head must be replaced by a Service partner. This processing involves repeatedly subjecting the tool body to temperatures, which can cause damage. Necessary tolerances are attained only conditionally or not at all.

  • Screwed TC (tungsten carbide) segments increase user flexibility thanks to easy and fast segment changes
  • Universal and disposable TC segments can be used on one and the same milling head
  • Unlimited use of the milling heads (no need for replacements)
  • Spine processing up to 80 mm book block thickness through special TC inserts and geometries
  • TC universal segments for all commercially available adhesive binders facilitate the supplying and stocking of spare parts
  • Optional. Disposable TC segments for reducing setup times
  • Greatly dust-reduced surfaces facilitate further spine processing as well as the application of adhesives
  • Easy extraction of paper scraps for recycling