TKM supports the “Junior University” in Wuppertal, Germany.
Learning, experimentation and research for better shaping the future.

Promote young talent. Provide opportunities.

“The ‘Junior University’ in Wuppertal is an outstanding offer, where children and young people can learn free from school pressure and discover and live out the joy of research and experimentation. For tomorrow, too, we’ll need highly motivated and top-qualified specialists,” says Thomas Meyer, CEO of the TKM Group. TKM therefore takes great pleasure in supporting this Wuppertal institution through annual funding, and does so with the fullest conviction.

For Bergisches Land, the Junior University in Wuppertal is an educational facility to date unique in Germany for young people between the ages of four and twenty. 100% privately funded and enjoying broad public support, the Junior University offers children and young people in Bergisches Land a large range of courses, research projects and age-appropriate lectures. An educational network that strengthens not only each individual talent, but the entire Bergisch region for the future as well.

Children and young people are our future. And so that they and we can all have a good future, they need our full attention and support. At TKM, we place particular emphasis on learning and training and take particularly care of our trainees. But we also want to support school children at an early age. Young people have a great deal of curiosity, and they like to learn, experiment and explore their environment. The Junior University in Wuppertal takes on this task in a professional and fresh way. Open to members of all social strata, the institute thus addresses in particular young people from socially disadvantaged and possibly educationally deprived surroundings. For in this sector too, and especially there, it’s important that children and young people can avail themselves of attractive educational offers.