Around 900 different types of knives.
For all types of woodworking and wood processing.

We have been producing machine knives and saws for the wood industry since 1908.

Many of our product developments have been governed by close cooperation with leading machine factories and with the wood-processing industry. Production extending over more than 100 years has led to a product line with over 900 different knife typologies. This partnership-type cooperation has yielded innovative tools and cutting solutions distinguished by new materials, improved hardening methods and the narrowest tolerance ranges.

Owing to its substantial in-house production depth, TKM is able to meet the special specifications of OEM customers.

The TKM Group supports the Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN).

Its goal: to embed the identity of “Furnier = Echtholz” (veneer = real wood) in consumers’ minds and to establish veneer as a high-quality material in distinction from wood imitations. The IFN introduced the Veneer Seal in the market in 2003. This certificate of authenticity provides clarity and security when buying furniture. Buyers can immediately recognize the “genuine item,” and any uncertainty as to the nature of the material is eliminated.