Wood based Panel

High performance, economical, efficient

The TKM group produces knives and wear parts for various board industry applications (MDF, OSB and particle board) within tight tolerances as requested by OEMs and end users alike. Consequently, our knives and wear parts have excellent wear resistance and high tensile strength combined with maximum durability.
All of the above require precision manufacturing combined with accurate heat treatment.

Chipper knives, Anvils, Flaker knives, OSB knives, Beater ledges, Knife holders, Hammers, Wear shoes

Product description

Qualities EcoCut, Chipper, SuperCut

For all commonly known types of machinery, based on samples or drawings

Depending on application and alloy between 52 ± 1 HRc and 60 ± 1 HRc

According to OEM requirements

Heat treatmend
Solid through hardened or partial hardened