Rotary Slitter Knives.

We are constantly working on the development of new knife materials in order to perfect the wear resistance and toughness for specific tasks.

DThis pride in discovery ensures an optimal balance between the determination of the knife material and the tuned heat treatment processes.As a result we produce the right “recipe” for your cutting application.

We produce rotary slitter knives in four different tolerance classes to meet the requirements of our customers.

Product description

  • Adherence to the smallest possible thickness tolerance down to ± 0.0005 mm
  • Subdivision of thickness tolerance in 3 areas (–, 0, +) 4 highly precise surface finishes
  • Suitable for sheet metal thicknesses from 0.006 to approximately 16 mm and in exceptional cases also to 40 mm
  • Rotary slitter knives ground with a