Veneer Slicing and Peeling Knives for the Wood Industry.

The TKM-Group provides slicing and peeling knives for the production of veneer, which fulfill highest requirements: OEM quality for constant veneer thickness, smooth stainless surface, reduced cutting force, perfect wood structure. For extended grinding intervals, moderate distortion and good grindability, for thin and thick veneers.

Our range of products

Veneer slicing knives, Pressure bars, Chipper and counter knives, Debarker knives, Rotary peeling knives, Veneer guillotine and clipper knives, Scoring knives, Cut off saw blades

Product description

Knife qualities
Compalloy / Compound
with high-performance steel inlay
Solid / Ventan S
through hardened knife made from high performance steel
Novacrom / Antannin
through hardened and stain resistant knife made from high performance chrome steel

Pressure bar qualities
Tecalloy / Tool steel
Induction hardened pressure bar made from high performance steel
Stainless / Inoxit
induction hardened pressure bars made from high performance stainless steel

Length up to 6000 mm, width up to 250 mm
Standard 56 … 60 ±1 HRc
Cutting edge straightness [mm]: <3000 0,5 >3000 1,0

Heat treatment
through hardened, induction hardened