Circular Saw Blades for Pre-Cutting.

New technologies in the saw mill industry continuously demand more high quality tools.

TKM-Group supplies saw blades for pre-cutting for all types of saw mill machines. We are specialized to supply precision tools for appropriate applications for each of our customers.

Together with our customers we are doing constant research and development to be able to produce the optimal saw blade for our customers.

An innovative alternative, developed by TKM is the saw blade type „RIV“, a two part pre-cutting saw blade connected by rivets. This innovation convinced by ecological production, reduction of vibrations and optimal performing of tension.

Product description


  • SOLID (made from full material, ground or milled)
  • RIV (two part saw blade connected by rivets)
  • SWITCH (two part saw blade connected by screws)
diameter up to 700 mm, for single-arbor machines up to 1200 mm