Tool design & Arbor set up software

Efficient use of tools and short set-up times

Optimization for processes and work results

Computer Aided Slitter Knife Assembly completes efficient tool utilization. Developed ourselves, this software provides a solution for the simple and fast determination of optimal arbor set up for various cutting applications on slitting lines.

TKM-Tool-Design Software
We use the TKM Tool Design Software to calculate the necessary tools for your peripheral equipment on a mathematical basis. Given your machine-specific information and cutting tasks, you’ll receive a tool set optimized in terms of quantity and dimensions for guaranteeing all defined thicknesses and strip widths.

  • Optimal arbor set up for the highest cutting quality
  • Reduction of setup time
  • Improvement of service life of knives
  • Prevention of set up errors
  • Simple operation
  • Interface with customer systems
  • Efficient (residual) coil processing
  • Several languages are available (expandable)

System Requirements

  • MS Windows XP (SP3) or higher
  • Usual hardware for Office applications
  • Printer (color printer) recommended

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