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TKM Service for the Wood

TKM Service for the Wood Industry

Regardless of whether you are planning a new sawing line or need a simple regrinding service.

We are happy to assist you and provide you with the desired service.

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Re-Design & User Advice

The machine data such as the KW output, number of revolutions, feed range, etc. as well as individual basic parameters for the tool are specified by the machine manufacturer.

In addition, there are customer-specific parameters, such as outside diameter, drillings, secondary holes, etc., which are required for the new design of the circular saw.

Our task as a tool supplier is to match the specifications of the machine manufacturer with the customer's requirements in order to avoid any discrepancies.

Afterwards, the collected and adjusted parameters are listed in a data sheet. Based on this, all details are extensively elaborated and the design of the circular saw is determined.

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TKM Service-Set / TKM Refreshment-Kit

Our Service-Set is designed for direct use in the grinding room and our Refreshment-Kit for the direct use on the veneer and peeling machine. It enables the ideal preparation and reconditioning of the knife edge for the specific peeling or slicing process on the customers' site.

The introduction of a customer and application-specific micro bevel not only increases the stability of the cutting edge, but more importantly maintains the cutting quality constantly at the highest possible level.

The result is a cutting edge surface of Ra 0.03 µ, which permanently ensures the finest and most homogeneous cut surfaces, while at the same time providing the highest possible blade life. This specific maintenance of the cutting edge also leads to a permanent reduction of the risk of edge chipping.

Handling and maintenance is designed to be as simple and efficient as possible and can be taught anytime via training courses offered by our technical field service.

Designs and Specifications

  • TKM Service Set for sharpening and honing the cutting edges
  • Various grinding rings, grinding segments and whetstones
  • Magnetic blade protection
  • Tool set for adjusting the grinding system

Service request

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