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Machine knives & tools for the chemical industry

Narrow tolerances, detailed grinding reports and automation, that's our core business within the chemical industry. Rotary cutter of brands such as: Maag, RE-Scheer, Cumberland, etc. are regrinded completely automatic according to OEM specifications.
During each grinding process , the original tooth profile is restored under consideration of all angles and tooth depths. Poor Pellets due to Beard formation, too long or crocked Pellets, adherence of Pellets and dust formation thus can be avoided.
After ending the revision works a certificate with an identificational code is drawn up for every cutter. This way, you're informed about the revision works in detail and we are able to track each work step individually in case of complaints.
Furthermore, we'll gladly execute the following tasks for you:
  • Revision of shafts & mandrels
  • Inspection & exchange of bearings
  • Manufacturing of new rotary cutter in various materials

Plastic chemical industry

  • Grinding according to OEM specifications
  • Re-Grinding of pelletizing knives
  • Consultation for improvement of your production & efficiency
  • Identification of potentional cost saving 
  • Manufacturing of pelletizing knives

Grinding plates (Cryogeen)

TKM is specialized in full-automatic regrinding of grinding plates. During the process of regrinding we adhere strictly to the OEM standards. We relocate the teeth completly into their original state and if requested, we re-coat the grinding plates after ending the grinding process,

The teeth are not "stabbed", but instead grinded on a CNC machine. This optimizes the cut function and minimizes vibrations during usage. Another positive side effects is an improvement regarding the service life.


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