sawing, peeling, cutting, chipping, flaking, profiling

Industrial knives & saws for the wood industry


TKM Service-Set / TKM Refreshment-Kit

Our Service-Set is designed for direct use in the grinding room and our Refreshment-Kit for the direct use on the veneer and peeling machine. It enables the ideal preparation and reconditioning of the knife edge for the specific peeling or slicing process.

Thermal sprayed coating

The process of thermal spray coating is one of the most important aspects for us to give our customers a real advantage by using our finished products.
Through this coating, the properties of the different materials are modified and significantly improved.


Wood is one of the oldest and most
important raw materials in our world.

We consider our customers and their different requirements for our products to be as individual and unique as the raw material wood.

We support you not only regarding the improvement and optimization of the classical parameters such as:

  • Service life increase
  • Increase in cutting quality
  • Feed rate maximization
  • Cutting kerf reduction

but stand by your side, especially in problematic situations and application questions, by providing targeted, solution-oriented advice.

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