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TKM Service for the
Metal Industry

TKM Service for the Metal Industry

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Planning & Consulting

Planning & Consulting

Through extensive consultation with our specialists, you’ll receive the support you need in determining the necessary tools for your cutting applications.
You’ll determine the right cutting tools and cutting parameters through our close

We’ll point out alternative solutions and approaches, in order to identify the optimal tool requirements for your slitting line on the basis of a mathematical model.

We offer:

  • Application consulting regarding the product portfolio
  • Design and calculation of customer-specific tools
  • Selecting suitable materials and tools

We are gladly at your disposal by phone: +49 2191 969 0 or by E-Mail: .


Targeted Project Preparation

After planning, we are also happy to support you during project preparation. Our portfolio includes:

  • Project management according to schedule
  • Generation of necessary technical documents
  • Detailed measurement and test protocols
  • Product training courses for your employees
  • Application training courses for your employees
  • Support during commissioning 

Tool Management

  • Shaft assembly software CASKA
  • Warehousing + storage technology
  • Integration of tools in automation solutions

Tool Reconditioning

In the tool reconditioning department, we bring your cutting tools back to OEM quality and into a nearly new condition. The preparation of a detailed test report afterwards allows an optimal planning regarding the purchase of new tools:

  • Regrinding service in OEM quality
  • Reconditioning of tools (e.g. new rubber coating)
  • Integration of tools in automation solutions

Regrinding Service & Tool Maintenance

Regrinding Service
Rotary slitter knives and straight knives lose their sharpness over time. Unsharp knives have a negative influence on the cutting result and the cutting edge quality. In extreme cases, rounded knife edges can lead to the fact that the required cutting gaps can no longer be maintained.

We therefore advise you to regularly get your cutting tools regrinded by our specialists.

Tool Maintenance
To ensure a consistently high quality of cut edges, cutting tools have to undergo a routine overhaul.

The same applies for changed cutting requirements and cutting parameters that demand the tools to be modified.
For both requirements TKM will assist you with state-of-the-art technology and experienced experts.

Services Regrinding Service Services Tool Maintenance
  • Regrinding/Polishing of Rotary Slitter Knives
  • Re-rubbering of Rubber bonded Stripper Rings
  • Regrinding of Rubber bonded Stripper Rings
  • Reworking of Tools according to customer requirements
  • Surface Grinding of Edger Knives
  • Reconditioning of cutting tools (removal of cold welds)
  • Regrinding of Straight Knives 

  • Execution in manufacturer quality


Before Re-gumming After Re-gumming
Before Re-gumming After Re-gumming

Production Support

For the best possible process reliability as well as the reduction of downtimes, we offer to accompany you also during the production. Our services at a glance:

  • Product training
  • Application advice for changing requirements
  • Application workshops on site
  • Cause analysis for errors
  • Optimization of the existing tools

Trainings, Seminars and Cutting Symposiums

Trainings & Seminars
On request we can also carry out application-specific training and technical cutting seminars at your place of business. In addition to the basics of cutting technology, material science technology and the product applications, we take into account your special application cases.
Allow us to actively support you in improving the quality, efficiency and profitability of your cutting processes.

Cutting Symposiums
We conduct external cutting symposiums at regular intervals, bringing together users from diverse metal processing industries.
Practically oriented technical presentations discuss new trends and future-directed topics.
We use these events for reciprocal exchanges of experiences, and they serve as the basis for discussions of customer-specific cutting topics. The interactions of different application groups from diverse industries afford synergies and developmental perspectives.

Training and Seminar Topics

  • Theoretical basics of cutting technology
  • Knife materials
  • Tool tolerances and set up mode
  • Types of Rubber Bonding
  • Storage & Care of Tools
  • Application of the CASKA-Arbor Set Up Software

Service Request

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