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TKM Service for the Paper

TKM Service for the paper industry

✔ User consultation & training ✔ Regrinding service for circular knives & straight knives ✔ Patented grinding technologies
✔ Coatings & Hardcoating ✔ Repair service


User consultation & training

Our range of services at a glance:

  • Basic information about the technical, constructive and metallurgical features of the knives & tools
  • Lifetime-enhancing measures (e.g. Cutting speed and feed)
  • The right material selection

Your advantages:

  • Prevention of errors in the application
  • Making the right choice of material, together
  • Get to know and make use of the advantages of the different product features
The 4-level service pyramid for the paper processing industry and the postpress industry
1. Level: Actual-recording & Technical consultation

Together, we analyse the current situation and derive first ideas for a technical consultation.

2. Level: Service concept

We will provide you with a grinding & service concept individually tailored to your needs.

3. Level: Service Routing

We are now integrating the service concept into our weekly service routing to ensure ongoing support.

4. Level: Documentation

We regularly check, document and analyse in order to identify further optimisation possibilities.


The range of services at a glance:

  • Examination and analysis of production processes, procedures and time management
  • Proposals for optimisation of production processes and alternative manufacturing methods
  • Profitability calculation
  • Simulation of processes for the processing of complex products and materials
  • Analysis and adjustment of the correct cutting angle and contact pressure
  • Analysis and (if necessary) optimization of the right knife quality
  • Advice on selecting the suitable (grinding) service
Your advantages:
  • Reduction of process costs
  • Increase in your productivity
  • Increase of the process safety
  • Improvement of working conditions and conservation of resources
  • Minimization of error rates and repairs
  • Secure costing and tendering

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Our 3-stage service model for the tissue converting industry

Our service begins in the "classroom". This theoretical training is focused on the problems you have with the cutting process on the various machines.

In addition, we offer an explanation about machine parameters and how parameters influence each other. The cutting parameters that are related to the cutting process are explained "on site".

In addition to the knife, we look at the grinding wheels and the grinding wheel pressure, ensuring that your employees know what condition the products are in and how to react to any problems.

The third stage of our service model includes a "machine survey" - which is unique in the tissue paper industry. We proceed from machine to machine with you and note down all data of importance for the cutting process:

  • Machine parameters
  • Condition of the knife
  • Condition of the grinding wheel
  • Grinding pressure

The range of services at a glance:

  • Investigation and analysis of production processes, workflows and time management testing and (if necessary) optimisation of the abrasive and printing process
  • Checking the machine parameters and whether they influence each other
  • Checking the condition of the grinding wheel

Your advantages

  • Reduction of process costs 
  • Increase your productivity
  • Increase of the process safety
  • Improvement of the cutting result
  • Increase of the lifetime

Grinding service

It is a completely natural process that knives & cutting tools lose their sharpness over the course of their lifetime. The consequences are a both a poor cutting result and cut edge quality of the cut material.

In order to counteract these negative influences, it is recommended to regrind and maintain the cutting tools in time.

Our services at a glance:

  • Sharpening- and grinding service for:
    • Paper drills
    • Paper cutting knives
    • Multi-groove knife blicks
  • Unique and patented grinding technolgies for:
    • Circular knives
    • Paper cutting knives
    • Three way trimmer knives

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Unique & patented grinding technologies: New Wave® & Hyperwave®

New Wave® grinding technology:
New Wave® grinded knives guarantee a better material flow and less dust formation. The result of the New Wave® technology is a very homogeneous cutting edge with a much better and longer service life. In practice, the New Wave® grinding achieves twice to three times the service life of conventional grinding techniques.

Hyperwave® grinding technology:
The Hyperwave® grinding technique is a combination of Hyperhone and New Wave®. The result is a dust-reduced cut and better material flow with longer lifetimes. With the Hyperhone grinding technique, the cutting edge is rounded and secured against micro-blowouts during high-gloss polishing and in the final process step on both the cutting and the wafer side. The Hyperhone knife is deburred by machine and manual factors are completely eliminated. The New Wave® knife is concave sharpened.

We use TKM's New Wave® grinding process, which gives us 3 times higher tool lifetime!
In addition, we have less dust and a better cutting quality.
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