The Service Center of the TKM Group

TKM Diacarb B.V.

Capelle a/d IJssel, Netherlands

TKM Diacarb B.V. in Capelle a/d IJssel

Based in Rotterdam, TKM Diacarb is the Service Center of the TKM Group and System supplier for high-tech Services in the maintenance and
repair of industrial cutting tools. The combination of optimized processes and logistic performance offer you comprehensive and cost effective repair management.


Company profile:

  • Approx. 45 employees
  • roduction area: 2.000m²
  • 23 CNC machines
  • Approx. 30,000 Service Jobs per year

Grinding service & patented grinding technologies

Further development instead of standing still - that is our motto. We are also constantly developing our grinding technologies. The result of these further developments are our unique and patented grinding technologies New Wave & Hyper Wave.

In addition, we are happy to carry out the following grinding services for you:

  • Circular grinding up to maximum Ø 450 x 1600 mm
  • Surface grinding up to 6100 mm length
  • Machining grinding up to a maximum of 3500 x 500 mm, e.g. dimension grinding of plates, frame pieces, discs, etc.

Services for the chemical industry

String granulation (Rieter Automatik, RE-Shear, Cumberland)
We regrind your granulator milling machines from the manufacturers Rieter Automatik, RE-Scheer and Cumberland and many more, fully automatically according to the OEM specifications.

Service description:

  • The original tooth shape, including the tooth depth, is restored for each milling series
  • Bad pellets which are caused by beard formation, too long or crooked pellets,
  • Gluing of pellets and material is avoided by correct removal
  • A certificate is issued for each individual milling machine, which documents the actual condition and the revision work carried out
    repair of damaged stellite teeth (if necessary)

We are also happy to carry out the following additional work:

  • Revision of axles and steering knuckles
  • Inspection and replacement of bearings
  • Production of new rotor milling machines from all materials
  • New relationship of infeed rolls

Underwater Granulation
We are also happy to carry out the following services for your extrusion knives:

  • Grinding to OEM specification
  • Consulting for production and revenue optimization (cost savings)
  • Production of extrusion knives from all materials



Services for the recycling industry

We grind rotor and stator knives in sets on our 6-meter-long grinding bench to the same height and on request to the required installation dimensions.

This grinding method prevents an imbalance in your rotor.

We grind your grinding plates according to OEM specifications and restore the teeth to their original profile.

Depending on the application, the grinding plates are coated with special coatings after the grinding process. The plates are not pricked, but grinded in a CNC machine. This optimizes the cutting functionality and minimizes vibrations.

In addition, TKM Diacarb also produces new plates and segments, which are characterized by the same high quality standards.


Services for the metal industry

Rotary slitter knives are cleanly ground parallel and 4-sided, straightened and demagnetized by us. In addition to specific techniques such as circular and surface grinding, TKM Diacarb is mainly active in the field of cutting grinding. Among other things, plates, frame pieces, quivers and discs are brought back to size with this process.

The grinding of rotary shear blades, rubber intermediate and spacer rings is also part of our portfolio.

Service for bench edge tools
The upper and lower punches of your bench, with a maximum length of 6000 mm, will be refreshed and smoothed according to your personal specifications, with any desired profile.

Laser hardening of the feed corners is also possible. The V-bevel and tips of the lower beam of the bench are ground smooth and the radius is polished.

TKM transport service

TKM Diacarb has its own transport service, which covers almost
Benelux region and the western part of Germany. Throughout the week we travel on fixed days on fixed routes to pick up and of course bring back your sanding jobs.

To see on which day we will come by, please contact the service department.
Route Checker please enter your city and zip code.

If you send us a grinding job and would like us to pick up your knives, please fill out this form.

TKM Diacarb B.V., Capelle a/d IJssel