Narrowest tolerances, detailed grinding reports and Automatization.

TKM Service for the chemical industry

TKM Service for the chemical industry

String granulation (Rieter Automatik, RE-Shear, Cumberland) We regrind your granulator milling machines from the manufacturers Rieter Automatik, RE-Scheer and Cumberland and many more, fully automatically according to the OEM specifications.

Service description:

  • The original tooth shape, including the tooth depth, is restored for each milling series
  • Bad pellets which are caused by beard formation, too long or crooked pellets,
  • Gluing of pellets and material is avoided by correct removal
  • A certificate is issued for each individual milling machine, which documents the actual condition and the revision work carried out repair of damaged stellite teeth (if necessary)

We are also happy to carry out the following additional work:

  • Revision of axles and steering knuckles
  • Inspection and replacement of bearings
  • Production of new rotor milling machines from all materials
  • New relationship of infeed rolls

Underwater Granulation

We are also happy to carry out the following services for your extrusion knives:

  • Grinding to OEM specification
  • Consulting for production and revenue optimization (cost savings)
  • Production of extrusion knives from all materials

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