Recycling, crushing, granulating

Industrial Knives for the
Plastic, Rubber & Recycling Industry


Industrial Knives for the Plastic Industry

Carefully selected stainless steel grades form the basis for TKM shredding knives and systems. From tough, medium alloyed tool steel to durable, high percentage chromium steels to powder metallurgical high-speed steels and sintered carbides.

✔ Circular Knives ✔ Winder ✔ Staple Fibre Cutting Knives ✔ Staple Fibre Blades 


Industrial Knives for the Rubber Industry

Find the right product for your applications in the rubber industry.

✔ Steelcord Shearblades ✔ Rough Sheet Cutting Knives ✔ Cut off Knives ✔ Circular Knives ✔ Extruder Knives ✔ Crush Cutter ✔ Dished Slitter Knives ✔ Straight Knives ✔ PIN Vent Trimmer

TKM Steelcord Shearblades Knives for the tire industry

Industrial Knives for the Recycling Industry

Find the right product for your applications in the recycling industry.

✔ Rotary knives ✔ Stator knives ✔ Hot pelletizing blades ✔ Shredder knives

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