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Pressure bars

Execution & Specifications

✔ Tecalloy / Tool Steel ✔ Stainless / Inoxit
✔ Stellite ✔ Individual special designs


For all common machine manufacturers, such as:

✔ Babcock ✔ Capital
✔ Cremona ✔ Fezer
✔ Jusan ✔ Keller RFR
✔ Raute ✔ and others



Pressure bars

A high-quality pressure bar is absolutely necessary to achieve perfect precision cutting with our veneer and round peeling knives. In addition, the pressure bar determines the cut thickness which is relevant for the production process. It is therefore absolutely essential that both the used knife and the respective pressure bar are specifically matched.

Based on this context, our TKM pressure bars are produced according to the same high-tech manufacturing processes and standards as those of the veneer and circular peeling knives. Only by doing so, it is possible to provide our customers with a complete, permanent and high-precision cutting solution.

Execution & Specifications

Tecalloy / Tool Steel Induction hardened made from high-performance steel
Stainless / Inoxit Induction hardened made from high-performance stainless steel
Stellite Welded
Individual special versions  

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