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Edger Circular Saw Blades

The stellite-tipped circular saw blade has proven to be the best choice for edging applications. The advantages of the stellite tooth (high wear resistance and toughness) enable best cutting results even at highest feed rates.

The TKM Group supplies circular saw blades for edging of all known sawmill machine manufacturers.


Edger Circular Saw Blades

Perfection of feeding speed and cutting quality finally convene for the process of edging. Again, the cutting quality directly defines the quality standard of the finished product. Therefore, we offer you several approved executions, besides manufacturing completely tailor-made saws to fulfill your individual requirements.

Particularly the stellite tipped saw blade has established itself for years. This founds in the special characteristics of the stellite tooth (highly wear-resistant and tough), which enable best cutting results in high speed sawing.

Executions and Specifications

  • CV-alloyed and hard chrome plated CV-alloyed (for setting and sharpening)
  • Tungsten carbide or stellite tipped
  • Axial runout 0,02 mm
  • Various Surfaces
  • Up to Ø 700 mm


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