Doctor Blades and Consumables for the Printing Industry

TKM Duro Blade® HL

Features & Advantages

  • No bedding-in time during the start-up phase
  • Extremely high quality of the surface
  • Ideal for anilox rollers with low cell volumes
  • No dot gain during the entire print job
  • Very uniform printing quality

TKM Duro Blade® HL

TKM DuroBlade HL has been specially designed for the rigorous requirements of printing with all regular ink types, as well as for the use on common coating and ink systems.

Due to a new coating technology, we are able to achieve an extremely fine-textured coating layer micro-structure. The result is an outstanding surface quality of the coating, leading to streak-free doctoring with insignificant bedding-in times. 

Excellent printing results can be expected with TKM DuroBladeHL especially on high-density screen anilox rollers in combination with low cell volume.


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