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TKM Magnet 8000


  • Magnet strength. 8000 Gauss
  • Removes metal particles from the ink system
  • Less printing problems, such as doctor blade lines
  • Longer lifetime for gravure cylinders and anilox rolls through less scoring
  • Easy to use and clean

TKM Magnet 8000

The TKM Magnet 8000 is a quick and simple solution for decreasing your metal contamination within your ink circulation. The 8000 gauss strong magnet reduces reliably fast metal particles like mechanical wear from chrome cylinders and doctor blades and minimises printing problems, such as doctor blade lines and blade break- outs. It also prolongs cylinder life time and prevents scoring on anilox rolls.

The holder can be customised manufactured to suit your ink system and is easy to use and clean.

Magnet 8000 unused Magnet 8000 used
Magnet benutzt



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