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Tools for bark processing

Technical specifications:

Material Tool steel, stainless steel,
Carbon Steel
Hardness 42-65 +/-1 HRc or unhardened
Service Reprocessing

Tools for processing tree bark

Debarking is a very important preliminary process for the chopping process and the final pulp quality. The preparation of the logs by removing the bark as well as all other disturbing foreign bodies such as sludge, stones and sand is mainly to create a good starting situation for the subsequent chipping process.

Due to the different types of wood and the varying conditions of contamination, the debarking process always requires stable and highly wear-resistant knives and guide parts.

TKM supplies a wide range of high quality products for debarking:

  • Shredder knives, crusher knives
  • Anvils
  • hinge pins, shafts
  • Hammers

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