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Cassette knife system

As a consequence of our broad and specific product range for the pulp industry we have now taken the next step and developed our own cassette knife system. A unique combination of all our knowledge and all our products into a cutting and service solution tailored to your personal needs.


Cassette knife system

Our cassette knife system consists of the following parts:

  • Knife holder
  • Chipping knives
  • Counter knife
  • Knife terminals
  • corresponding wearing parts

The result is a simple construction that can be used for all types of wood, whether frozen wood or hardwood. Equipped with regrindable high quality chipper knives of 90 mm width. A reliable run and sufficient
Wear resistance to foreign bodies is guaranteed.

The ingenious design in combination with customer-specific angle settings is the key to a homogeneous
Chip quality, independent of the pulp production, whether chemical or mechanical based.

In addition, the design also simplifies the handling and adjustment of the chipper blades. Knife changes are completed in the shortest possible time. Frequent cleaning of the system is not necessary, which means more
time for machining and less maintenance is required.

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