Doctor blades for the print- & packaging industry

TKM Cera Print® XT


  • State-of-the-art coating technology
  • Reduces Hazing and Streaking
  • Reduces machine downtime and blade changes
  • High doctor blade durability at low blade pressure
  • Avoids waste
  • Engineered for long runs and multiple jobs
  • Highly reliable and reproducible printing results
  • No tonal value increase (TVI) due to blade wear
  • Suitable for all inking systems
  • Safety for the operator during the entire printing process

TKM Cera Print®

CeraPrint XT is a ceramic coated doctor blade with high durability and reliability.

Due to the latest coating technologies, TKM Meyer is able to apply an extremely homogeneous layer structure onto the blade surface. This provides TKM CeraPrint XT exact coating parameters for you to achieve consistent and reproducible printing results, even on difficult printing jobs.

This new, highly wear-resistant coating avoids corrections of the blade angle and blade pressure during the printing process, resulting in significantly higher durability of the doctor blade and print cylinder.


Doctor blade shape Applications

Gravure printing Gravure printing

Gravure printing

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