Products and Cutting Solutions for Cut-to-Length Systems

Cut-to-Length Lines and Guillotine Shears

For Cut-to-Length lines and for Guillotine Shears, we produce highly precise knives and shear blades with a length of up to 6000 mm.

We manufacture Cut-to-Length Lines and Guillotine Shears for all common machine types, including :

Advantages / Characteristics:
  • Knife material and heat treatment are keyed to the material to be cut
  • Cross, radial and peripheral grinding possible
  • Highest accuracies maintained
  • Ground radii for V-shape blades
  • Blades for all guillotine shear types


Incremental Pitch Tolerance ± 0,6 mm/1000 mm
Hardness Dependent on material, ± 1 HRC, ±  2 HRC
Parallelism Up to 0,005 mm on request
Surface Standard Ra up to 0,4 µm , Ra 0,03 µm on request

Production, including heat treatment, is com­pletely in-house. We accordingly guarantee consistently high quality of the knives and shears with the best microstructure and the best mechanical properties.

Depending on the requirements, either spe­cial tool steel or a special nickel-based alloy is used. In particular, we can handle, as a single source, system-related requirements as weil as specific manufacturing processes at the customer's end, thanks to our in-house production depth.


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