Consumables for folders and knives for packaging machines

Cutting knives

TKM Cutting knives are available for all common machine types.

For an optimal durability the right cutting bar must be used with the right setting, in addition to using the right cutting knife!

You can ask us about the best customer-specific cutting knife for your application!

Influences on lifetime:

  • Tooth type
  • Tooth pitch
  • Chamfer
  • Raw material
  • Setting
  • Cutting bar


Tip: For final cutting in the machine, we can manufacture cutting knives with up to 20 teeth per centimeter!

Materials Tooth design Tooth pitch Chamfers
  • Spring steel
  • Perforating tooth
  • 0,5 mm to 4 mm
  • Single chamfer
  • S1
  • Saw tooth
  • Larger in special cases
  • Double chamfer
  • S3

Knives with S-3 quality
Outstanding knife quality with high wear resistance will increase lifetime many times over. That makes the use of these knives extremely economical.

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