Knives and Cutting Tools for Bookbinding Machines

Cutting Sticks

Cutting sticks are used with Guillotine and Three-Way Trimmer knives. They need to have the right hardness, wear-resistance and tolerance. The proper penetration depth (< 0,01mm) is influencing the lifetime of the knife. It is recommended to turn or change the cutting stick regularly. TKM cutting sticks are fitting perfectly to the offered knife qualities.

Materials & Quality

Quality TKM Quality Hardness Shore D Application for:
Polypropylene (PP) Durapid 75 - 78 3-Way-Trimmer/Cutting machine
Polypropylene (PP)


75 - 78 3-Way-Trimmer/Cutting machine
Polyamid (PA) Incomet Supreme/Ultra Cut 81 - 83 3-Way-Trimmer/Cutting machine

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