Doctor Blades and Consumables for the Printing Industry

TKM DuroBlades®

Features & Advantages

  • Reduces the number of blade changes
  • Extremely high durability
  • Reduction of the friction coefficient through lower blade pressure
  • Reduces printing costs
  • Specially suitable for abrasive inking, varnishing and coating systems
  • Avoids scoring lines
  • Is gentle to cylinder surfaces
  • Allows consistently ultra-precise coating thicknesses

TKM DuroBlades®

TKM DuroBlades is the optimal solution for highly abrasive inking, varnishing and coating systems in flexographic printing. The doctor blade wears down uniformly and cleanly, achieving the highest durability. Due to the extremely low wear during the production process, DuroBlade is also the first choice for abrasive coating systems, guaranteeing consistently high-precision coating and ink thicknesses.

The patented coating ensures uniform print quality with a very low dot gain. DuroBlade has a corrosion-resistant NiroPrint (stainless steel) core, which is gentle to anilox rolls and chrome cylinders.

TKM DuroBlades are now available in the TKM DuroBlades HL+ version for the use of anilox rollers with low cell volumes and full-surface engraved chrome cylinders.

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