Knives and Cutting Tools for Bookbinding Machines

Dust-, leveller cutters and notching/fiber roughing tools

TKM milling tools provide a smooth surface, correct irregularities and open the paper fibers.

We produce milling tools for the following machine types:

✔ Kolbus ✔ Horizon
✔ Wohlenberg ✔ Heidelberg
✔ Müller Martini and others

Thanks to their narrow tolerances, the customer will achieve an optimal sheet edge anchoring in the adhesive and an increased bonding strength.


Advantages & Features

The advantages of the TKM milling tools

  • Optimal sheet edge anchoring in the adhesive through narrow tolerances
  • Ideal exposure of the paper fibers and enlargement of the adhesive contact surface
  • High tensile and pulling characteristics
  • Reduction of heat generation / no heat buildup
  • Increased bonding strength

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