Doctor Blades and Consumables for the Printing Industry

TKM Opti Print®

Features & Advantages

  • Up to to 20% higher durability
  • Less cylinder wear
  • Short start-up times (gravure)
  • Continuous high print quality
  • Less waste
  • Reduced machine downtime

TKM Opti Print®

TKM OptiPrint doctor blades, designed for gravure and flexographic printing, are multi-purpose blades, gentle to your cylinders, manufactured of premium carbon steel with a high chromium content. The fine micro-steel structure wears down powdery, preventing contamination from detached steel particles throughout the entire inking and doctoring system for a constantly high level of print quality.

Of course, we supply back-up blades suitable for our high-performance doctor blades and your individual applications.

Doctor blade shape Applications

Flexographic printing Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing

Achieve even higher quality printing results with ESP and Protect
TKM´s ESP treatment and Protect coating will increase the durability of your doctor blades and your cylinders leading to significantly higher quality printing results, with the following advantages:

  • Contact zone with the highest possible surface quality
  • Less burr formation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Less waste
  • Time saving at start up
  • Less wear
  • Higher durability

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