Doctor Blades and Consumables for the Printing Industry

TKM Power Print®

Features & Advantages

  • High machine speeds
  • Gentle to chrome cylinders and anilox rolls
  • Excellent results against bleeding and smudging problems
  • Reduced start-up times
  • Guaranteed higher durability
  • Absolutely clean doctoring
  • Strict and precise control of the tip manufacturing

TKM Power Print®

For TKM PowerPrint, we use high-alloy tool steel that is produced exclusively for TKM Meyer. This special steel structure has outstanding wear resistance and avoids contamination of the inking system from residues of steel particles.

The steel is used in heavy-duty saw blades and in precision cutting blades. We have adapted the material to the requirements of the printing industry and, in cooperation with our suppliers, have geared it to illustration and packaging printing.

Doctor blade shape Applications

Flexographic printing Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing


Achieve even higher quality printing results with ESP and Protect
TKM´s ESP treatment and Protect coating will increase the durability of your doctor blades and your cylinders leading to significantly higher quality printing results, with the following advantages:

  • Contact zone with the highest possible surface quality
  • Less burr formation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Less waste
  • Time saving at start up
  • Less wear
  • Higher durability

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