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Rotary cutter

  • Revision of axes and shafts
  • Repair of individual teeth possible
  • Inspection and replacement of bearings

Rotary cutter

TKM produces rotary cutters or, if required, only carries out the pure regrinding service. As a wide range of plastics are processed with the rotor milling cutters, we are able to produce and regrind them to your requirements.

We are also able to produce rotor milling cutters with exchangeable carbide inserts. A clear advantage here is that the basic body can be used again and again and only the carbide inserts need to be replaced.

Service for rotor milling machines:

  • Regrinding service according to OEM specifications
  • Delivery in different qualities
  • Delivery of shafts & shafts possible
  • The rotor milling cutter can be mounted on an existing shaft
  • Possibility of upgrading to carbide inserts
  • The complete tooth profile including the tooth depth is restored with each grinding process
  • A "milling cutter identification card" is created to document all work carried out
  • Repair of individual teeth possible

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