Knives and Cutting Solutions for the Paper Processing Industry

Sheeter and cross cutting knives

TKM cross cutting knives are available for the following machine types::

✔ Bilomatic ✔ Voith
✔ Valmet ✔ E.C.H. Will
✔ Jagenberg and others

Polished knife surfaces improve the cut quality and increase knife lifetimes. Friction and dust are reduced.

TKM sheeter knives are produced according to OEM and customer specifications. The surface can be ground to different values of surface roughness.


Special technical features

  • Sheeter knives made of PM steel or other steel grades
  • Carbide-tipped sheeter knives
  • Straightness of cutting edge 0.1 / 1000 mm or 0.04 / 300 mm
  • Parallelism across length 0.03 mm
  • Parallelism across width 0.03 mm
  • Parallelism across thickness 0.025 mm

Special technical features

Cutting principles

  • Flatness 0,5 mm
  • Surface roughness
    Ra 0,03 µm (micro-polished)
    Ra 0,1 µm (polished)
    Ra 0,4 µm (standard)
  • Shims on request

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