Knives and Cutting Tools for Bookbinding Machines

Shredder Heads

We produce TKM Shredder heads for all commercial rotary cutters: 

✔ Kolbus ✔ Horizon
✔ Wohlenberg ✔ Heidelberg
✔ Müller Martini and others

Special bevel configurations reduce the cutting force and prevent thermal effects, even with thick book blocks and hard paper. Available are spare segments and disposable segments.

TKM shredder heads are available in brazed and screw on versions.


That´s unique...

The specifically developed TKM milling head is the only one on the market that can be fitted with either disposable or re-grindable segments.

The operator thus retains flexibility and can choose the type of inserts most suitable for his particular application.


Advantages & Features

The advantages of the screw on TKM shredder head

  • Screw on, black anodized milling head; can be used with disposable and re-grindable segments
  • Only milling discs on the market that can fit both disposable and re-grindable segments
  • Easy and quick changing of carbide inserts
  • Full flexibility; worn out segments can be individually changed by the operator
  • Unlimited use of the milling disc (no wear)
  • Highest precision and narrow tolerances (concentricity)
  • Greatly dust-reduced, optimally milled spines for the glue application
  • Can be used for all common adhesive binding machines

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