Knives and Cutting Tools for the Postpress Industry

Three Way Trimmer Knives

We produce TKM Three way trimmer knives for all commercial machine types: 

✔ Kolbus ✔ Heidelberg
✔ Wohlenberg ✔ Müller Martini
and others  


TKM Three way trimmer knives are suitable for cutting in short and large print runs.

Only the right selected bevels and material qualities will guarantee a perfect cutting for the front, head and tail cut.

The TKM Anti Glue Knife reduces ink depositing on the spine and glue buildup on the blade.


Comparison of service life (knife quality vs. lifetime)

Tolerances Three way trimmer knives
Straightness of cutting edge
0,1 mm / 1000 mm

0,02 mm

Polished surface

< RA 0,1 µm


0,03 mm


0,1 mm

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