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Beveled / Bias Cut

Beveled / Bias Cut

This problem occurs mainly at the first and last roll, but on high density products it might also occur at almost all rolls. The first condition to prevent bias cuts is a very sharp blade!

First / Last Roll:
  • Double check if the clamps are adjusted properly. There needs to be a certain friction between roll/log and clamp.
  • Double check, that the scrap length at the leading edge is at least 25 – 30 mm. The length at the rear edge should be higher because the last cut is very difficult for the clamps to hold.
  • Make sure that the core is well aligned with the Tissue.
High Density Products:
  • Make sure, that the friction between the log saw blade and roll is as low as possible. Possible suggestions are:
    • Use a thin blade (210 mm taper)
    • Avoid glue on the blade if possible
    • Use a good working lubrication system. The TKM Group system removes possible glue deposit and reduces the friction
  • Theoretically a higher RPM improves the cutting quality but it creates also more friction.
  • As this topic is quite complex, we recommend to contact the TKM Team for support.

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