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Black contamination on the face of the rolls

Black contamination on the face of the rolls

The dark edge on the tissue rolls lateral surfaces is formed by grinding dust that is stuck to the side of the log saw blade and are transferred to the tissue roll during the cutting process. Dirty rolls are unmarketable. But losses originating this buildup on the blade are preventable and are unnecessary.

TKM HELPS | Reduce dirt on the lateral surfaces:

  • First start with proper log saw lubricant. The TKM Supr-Slik 41+ is water based and fast drying . When applied properly there is no buildup of grinding dust that sticks to the side of the blade or in the CBN stones.
  • Next, look at the grinding parameters. TKM’s Technical support team can assist with proper grinding pressure and frequency related to the product being cut. Overgrinding and over ratcheting leads to excessive dust creation inside the log saw.
  • Last, check for magnetism in your blades. TKM’s plant in Remscheid Germany de-magnetizes 100% of the blades produced. This stops the steel grinding particles from sticking to the side of the log saw blade.
Principally, grinding dust can not be prevented but prevention of the grinding dust, lubricant, glue and steel particles can happen, just contact your TKM Technical support team for consultation.

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