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Black contamination on the face of the rolls

Black contamination on the face of the rolls

Grinding dust, or black contamination on the faces of the rolls is mainly transferred from the blade. It is usually caused by a combination of:

  • Grinding dust (especially graphite in the bond creates dark grey dust)
  • Lubrication process => because of the oil the dust sticks on the blade
  • Metal particles => check the magnetism of the log saw blades

We recommend:

  • Regular cleaning of the saw house
  • Grinding wheels with less graphite content => TKM Group wheels do not have any graphite, the dust is light.
  • A quality Lubrication system such as that provided by the TKM Group because it needs much less spray frequency and –time.
  • Felt wipers can be installed on some machines that constantly wipe the surface of the blade clean.

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